The Value of Discontent

It has a purpose.

Discontent without specifics is nothing more that complaining, and every office and organization has too much of that.

But focused discontent, discontent with a purpose, a goal to change something, is your station’s friend.

Complacency sets in quickly enough, especially within organizations whose employees feel powerless to change what does not work.

Make no mistake; discontent makes your job more complicated on days when every minute you have is over-scheduled.

But nothing changes without discontent. Ever.

If you’re the one spewing discontent, focus it on one issue inside your station, one thing you know needs to be changed. Articulate your goal. Help make it happen. And squash the ceaseless urge to bitch and moan about every little thing.

Managers, how do you treat the discontented few within your group? Are they punished, or nurtured, as proverbial canaries in the coal mines, offering early warnings of danger?

If you’re never hearing ways your station might be even stronger, if there are never whispers of discontent, your canaries may have already died.


*ps: I am in Las Vegas for the NAB. If you’re here too and would like to meet and say “HI,” the best way to reach me is text: +1.303.947.4949

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