The Value of an Enemy

What does this teach us?

Am I the only person completely underwhelmed by the new Apple iPhone 6 spot?

Apple iPhone 6 “Duo”


Who cares if Justin Timberlake is one of the voices? This spot doesn’t make me feel anything except annoyance.

What happened to the Apple that brought us “1984”?

Introducing the Macintosh

Or my favorite, The Crazy Ones…

The Crazy Ones

Some think the problem is that Steve Jobs is no longer around, that his marketing genius and sense of aesthetics, his innate understanding of the value of emotional connection made all the difference. They may be right.

But Edward Boches believes it’s the lack of an enemy, that singular focus Apple had when it was taking on IBM, or Microsoft, or the business establishment.

And I think he’s spot on.

One of the unintended consequences of consolidation in Radio has been the loss of that singular enemy in most markets.

When a tenth of a point separates #1 from #5, who feels challenged?

When 8 stations in your town are all run by one company, how can you focus on any enemy? When one PD runs 3 or 4 stations in one market, and a GM runs all the company’s stations in one market, how can you have that “fight to the death” mentality?

The job is no longer to create market dominance, it’s to fill your defined niche, and play the company game.

And that hasn’t led to a better product for our listeners, has it?