The Two Best Ads From Super Bowl LII


Boy, America sure had a lot of disasters last year, and that’s not even including politics.

So, I thought this was a really good idea, to remind us of the courage of first responders and of normal citizens who jump in to help when help is needed. And to remind us to express our gratitude for their courage and devotion.

So I was really disappointed when I went to the web site mentioned in the ad — — and found that Verizon requires you to share their message on your social media pages.

I don’t mind saying how grateful I am to our first responders but it makes me feel manipulated if I have to post it on behalf of Verizon.

Even though fewer than 1 in 1000 Jeep owners will ever do this in their vehicles, it was very arresting visually, and it spoke to the cynic in me.

So, what was your favorite Super Bowl ad, and why?

Is it just me, or are the ads getting worse every year now?