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A new way to finance movies?


The filmmakers call it “The 135K Project.” I don’t know if this is just a marketing ploy or they really followed through with the concept. It feels a bit like the Blair Witch Project, which was all about marketing, and very, very successful.

The idea here was to raise the money to produce and release an independent film by selling it frame by frame, at $1 per frame, using word-of-mouth and social media. You can read about that part of it HERE.

One thing for sure, it looks pretty scary, it won some nice awards, and it’s always a good thing to support independent filmmakers, in my opinion…



I’m aware of a classical music group in Australia that uses public funding to finance their projects. I love their covers of pop songs, and donated to help them create this video.

If you have any details about this film project, whether it is what it claims to be, or is just some clever Aussies making some money, let me know; I’m interested in this idea.