The Truth

And it affects every one of us…

This is not a political blog, and I depart from my usual themes only because we have an election coming up Tuesday, and the simple truth is, no matter who you vote for — Romney or Obama — this is one of the most important issues facing our nation.

My son has Type 1 diabetes. He was not insurable under the “old” system so I have a personal stake in health care reform.

I think you do too.

If you’ve had a ‘minor’ skin cancer, as have I, or take medications for blood pressure, or cholesterol, for migraines, or a host of other relatively common ailments now treated in America, health insurance will become unaffordable for you unless you work for a major corporation.

And if you leave or get down-sized…

well, medical bills were the #1 cause of personal bankruptcies in America until the housing collapse in 2007.

It’s an issue we simply cannot ignore any longer.

And, since Mitt Romney sponsored and signed the exact same legislation when he was governor of Massachusetts, I hope his campaign rhetoric was only to help him win Tea Party votes.

We have to find answers to ever-rising costs.
We have to make health insurance universal and portable.
We have to identify and weed out procedures that are ineffective and costly.

And, I’m sure you can add to that list. Here, watch this, and please, no matter who you vote for, ask your Congressional representatives to support the Affordable Care Act until something better is offered in its place.

Thank you!