The Truth About Millennials

And nothing but the truth.


We keep hearing that Millennials (18-34 year-olds) are actively rejecting broadcast radio for streaming.

It makes sense. It sounds reasonable.

Pandora and Spotify and Apple Music are new and hip and happening, right?

But I’ve learned to be skeptical about all things digital, especially claims like this one, because I watch members of this age group — whether it be my Uber driver or other young people in their environments — and I don’t see the stampede away from broadcast I keep reading about.

I’m not saying streaming services aren’t gaining listeners, especially in offices, which is where I most often hear Pandora.

I’m not saying broadcast Radio should be unconcerned about the threat streaming services may pose.

I’m just saying that I need more proof, because so much of what digital promises has been pure hype.

We all know the flaws in research studies. We all know how critical wording is in creating outcomes.

So, I was interested to see this response to the latest “Millennials hate Radio” study, from Westwood One.