The Tribute

Love, always…

It’s the mark of her talent that I can not imagine anyone doing a better job with this song under these circumstances.

Jennifer had the delicate assignment of singing the most iconic song of Whitney’s career, and I believe she intentionally under-performed it, to keep the spotlight on Whitney and the power of her amazing voice, rather than use the opportunity to shine it on her own talent.

It was a performance designed to honor another, which made it all the more moving.

In fact, it was so moving it even shut down Twitter!

This was the second most-watched Grammy Show in history, but even if you watched, this is worth seeing again.

The best consultant I know is George Johns. I say that having never met George, because I heard many of the stations he consulted, and without exception, they all featured really, really good talent.

Stations that are consistently great are like kids that become wonderful adults and parents themselves — never accidental.

George had the line of the week: “Whitney Houston made a lot of bad choices in her life, including the wrong day to die…Music Radio was already pre-recorded.”

You can check out his blog (and I would recommend subscribing) HERE.