The Top Five

Your list

We are too often satisfied with the mundane, the average, the least offensive.

I want you to be consumed by the desire to be remarkable, to make a difference in listeners’ lives, to be unforgettable.

If you achieve these 5 things, you will be:

  1. Make me feel. This has to be authentic. If it even hints of manipulation, it backfires.
  2. Take me someplace I wasn’t expecting to go today. The joy of discovery is real and that is under your control.
  3. Help me understand my world a bit better. This is about insight, and it’s hard to do, but the best find a way.
  4. Promise fun and surprise and deliver on that promise every time I listen. Delight me. Make me smile.
  5. Occasionally, offer a transformative experience. That was Oprah’s secret when she was at her best.

When doing your show prep, if you’re not pushing yourself to deliver these 5 experiences, you’re not working hard enough on the right kind of content.

Use the stage you’ve been given. Don’t sound like everyone else. Don’t always follow the rules. Don’t bore me.

Move me!