The Thorium Dream



I am not a believer in conspiracy theories.

I don’t believe there’s a cure for cancer that is being supressed by Big Pharma. I don’t believe Big Oil and GE have conspired to hide alternative fuels so they can enrich themselves.

But then, I didn’t believe our government would let Big Banks game the financial system, bet against the very products they were selling to their unwitting customers, pay themselves billions in bonuses, and then demand bailouts from us when the whole thing collapsed and threatened to send the world into a Depression.

I didn’t believe our government would stand by as millions of people lost their jobs, their homes, and their health insurance simply to score political points, to put our nation on the brink of financial insolvency because of politics — but they did.

So perhaps I’ve been too naive, too trusting.

The people in this video say there is a well-known, inexpensive, widely accessible power source that won’t hurt the environment. They say our government has known about it since the 70s.

This may be worth your time and consideration…