The T-Mobile Dance

Pure, unadulterated fun!

If you haven’t seen it already, you’re one of the few.

Radio stations can’t easily do these kinds of events any more. We don’t have the staff, nor the money to pay professionals. And our Promotions Departments are too busy working on the 12 value-added ideas we have to do for clients…this week. But after you enjoy the sheer fun this created, note how many people have watched this video. And think about it’s viral impact. Think it was worth it for T-Mobile?

Just because we no longer do anything like this doesn’t mean millions of people wouldn’t respond if we did. When’s the last time your station did something hugely unpredictable and fun that generated this kind of response? Not shocking or juvenile, not malicious — I’m talking about fun! Why not put this arrow back into your quiver? The target hasn’t really moved. We’ve just been aiming in the wrong direction.

And here is how they pulled it all off.