The Surprise Squad

A good kind of surprise


Once, years ago, I empowered my Morning Show host to surprise diners in one of Denver’s nicest restaurants.

After he and his wife finished their meal, he quietly told the restaurant manager that he wanted to pay for everyone else as well.

He handed over the station American Express card, and asked that each table be given a little note we had prepared saying their meals were on him.

And then he and his wife left.

No big announcement. No spotlight. Just a big surprise.

And that, the element of surprise, is what made it work so well.

The station got calls, and TV coverage, all day the next day.

Which is why I’m sharing this with you:

Imagine how you can change a life if you involve a few of your local clients, and some of your own promotion resources.

And now, with digital cameras, you can capture the impact, and all the emotion, and create a video that can be viewed by all your listeners.

By becoming a part of someone’s story, someone who desperately needs support, you change the way your station is perceived as well.

Imagine that.