The Super Bowl Spots

You’ll be talking about next week:


Clever and timely, given last week’s Grammy Awards:

C’mon, man, you know I love dogs:

Who won’t relate to this one?

This one from Pepsico for Soda Stream is entertaining, because we all know that guy who steals our stuff from the office fridge:

I think this one will get lots of buzz because of Ellen, though I don’t know if it really sells anything but Ellen…

This theme isn’t new for Walmart, but they consider it important enough to run as their second ad in the Super Bowl, and I love it’s message:

KIA also confronts a difficult issue — homelessness — in their Super Bowl 2020 ad meant to inspire:

Microsoft, celebrating The One:

Budweiser’s best Super Bowl ad since … this one, that aired one time only.

And this ad, for Michael Bloomberg, will definitely generate lots of talk and controversy, as every conversation about gun violence in America does:

But this is my favorite:

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