The Super Bowl Spot

that GoDaddy had to pull before it even aired!

Sometimes there’s a fine line between comedy and cruelty.

Apparently, GoDaddy crossed it with this spot:


I love dogs, and who doesn’t love puppies? That’s the important fact to remember.

Evidently, as soon as this spot appeared on YouTube earlier this week, the complaints from dog-lovers, and the negative buzz on social media began and expanded instantly and exponentially.

Enough to force GoDaddy to pull the spot. It has been removed from YouTube and will not air during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

This drastic decision from a company that loves pushing into edginess and bad taste every year.

I think they’ve learned there’s a difference between us noticing their brand and loving it.

And today, with so many other choices that do the same things that GoDaddy does, it really is about love.