The Stunt

Radio meth

We are addicted to the stunt.

We’ll do anything to get TV coverage, so needy are we for attention and reinforcement that we matter.

Kind of reminds me of teenage boys. You’ve seen the videos. They jump off roofs, or try to skateboard down handrails at stadiums. Having once been a teenage boy, I think it’s a brain issue. It’s why most wars are fought by young males. Our brains don’t believe we can be hurt, so we’ll try anything.

But it’s time for Radio to grow up, isn’t it?

Because it’s not just attention we need, it’s relevance.

Setting our hair on fire will get us on the local news but does that make us matter to listeners?

Stunts are easy. Relevance is really hard, and harder still to sustain day after day.

But that’s where success waits.