The Stuff of Stars



In the dark,
in the dark,
in the deep, deep dark,
a speck floated,
invisible as thought,
weighty as God.
There was yet no time,
there was yet no space.
No up,
no down,
no edge,
no center.

No Earth with soaring hawks,
scuttling beetles,
trees reaching for the sky.
There was no sky.
No you.
No me.
Only the speck,

Then one day…
in the dark,
in the dark,
in the deep, deep dark,
another speck floated,
invisible as dreams,
special as Love.
Until at last,
YOU burst into the world.

This is from one of the most beautiful, thoughtful books you can find. It’s written by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated gorgeously by Ekua Holmes, entitled The Stuff of Stars.

It’s supposedly targeted at children, 4-8, but its theme, its language has the power to enchant any of us.

You can see many of the illustrations HERE, from Brain Pickings, which I have recommended before.

If you have a child, or grandchild, or devoted reader in your extended family, this will be the most beautiful gift they’ll receive this year.

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