The Story of Revenge

Another universal theme

The third in our series of 5 universal life stories you should tell on your station is the Revenge Story.

This, too, is instantly familiar for all of us. Think 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or even Bernie Madoff.

Revenge is a bit tricky, because it brings out darker emotions that most of us aren’t all that comfortable sitting with — but to avoid it is to ignore one of the most powerful themes available to you.

Behavorial anthropologists believe that all cultures teach a code of justice, that when violated, elicits a powerful need for revenge.

I won’t advise you to play this card often.

But it was appropriate on 9/11, and the days following, wasn’t it?

It was appropriate when we heard the story of the failed attempt to blow up an SUV in Times Square earlier this year.

It’s appropriate with serial murderers, or pedophiles, or brazen Ponzi schemers.

Don’t over-play it. Be cautious with righteous anger lest it flare out of your control, and when you can, find a focus that can be redemptive and healing to end your Revenge Story.

And be sure you follow it up with something lighter and brighter, like the Rags to Riches Story — which is our theme tomorrow.

BTW, be sure to take a moment to thank a veteran tomorrow. Our armed forces, all volunteers, are risking their lives daily, largely out of our consciousness, and largely without equal sacrifice on our part. So find a veteran, and/or a vet’s family, acknowledge their sacrifice, and say, “Thank you.”