The Stories We Tell

A tip to help you

The very best air talent all tell stories.

They create images and worlds in our mind’s eyes.

If you’re coaching air talent that hasn’t yet honed this skill, remember this:

Good stories are about challenge or conflict. Without these elements, stories aren’t very interesting. The compelling part of a story is how people deal with conflict, so start with the people and the conflict.”

That’s Susan Fisher, a communications specialist, and she is so right!

If your talent can’t tell you the story in a way that captivates you, that makes you feel — something, something other than boredom — keep working with them, coaching them back to the basics of what makes all stories compelling.

Transformation. Redemption. Courage. Love. Loss. Hope, based on persistence.

Don’t just shut ’em up. Coach ’em up.

That’s your job.