The Stage

“On The Air!”

Remember when this was a dream?

Remember how nervous you were the first time, the panic, the anxiety?

You survived that first shift. You made mistakes, but learned. Improved. Found your own unique voice.

You’ve done well. You’re on a big stage now. Confident. Assured.

Tens of thousands here, for you.

Take one moment before you go on the air today.

Close your eyes.

See yourself looking out from the front of this big stage you command, at all those people.

They have come to you today, dealing with the best, and the worst, that life serves to each of us: parents aging, kids achieving, pets dying, marriages ending, love surprising…

They have come, to you, today, despite all other alternatives, needing, hoping, worrying, trusting, wanting to believe…

In grief and in joy, in despair and in exaltation, each one unique…here, for you

What do you bring today that is deserving of this blessing?

For surely, you would have given so much, maybe everything, if this had been offered to you before that very first time you climbed onto your stage.

Remember that. Honor it. Earn it anew, every day.