The Spot CBS Wouldn’t Allow

And the heart-tugger…

We had picked the spot that won the night in Friday’s post. There were a couple of ads I hadn’t been able to find before the Game. As you might expect, I loved this first spot. I’m for anything that reminds us that while we all sit comfortably in our warm homes, men and women wearing American uniforms are risking their lives abroad.

This next one deserved my attention too, and it was nice to hear Paul Harvey’s voice again. Just shows that ads don’t have to be crass, shocking or offensive to stand out…

This third spot, the subject of the title today, skewers TV advertising, saying it relies on “myths” to account for its ginormous expense.


The dirtiest word in broadcast media.

Yes, Radio has the same problem. I met with a super-successful radio sales woman recently who told me her station “doesn’t work.”

We all know there can be lots of reasons radio spots fail, but my point today is this: Is Radio doing anything about any of them?

Until we find a way to accept accountability for the ads we sell, we are at risk in this age of online metrics, where every click can be counted and every ad that directly leads to a business website can be proven.

I worry a lot more about this challenge than anything Pandora or Spotify will be throwing our way, and I think you should too.