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The Space Between The Notes

The Space Between The Notes

Yo Yo…


This is audio only, though it’s a great piece of audio — just that it’s long, and I know how time-stressed you are.


So, I’ve focused it to one specific idea for those of you who can’t listen now.

Yo Yo Ma is often credited with this quote, “Music happens between the notes,” though I think the idea seems to have originated with Claude Debussy, who said, “Music is the space between the notes,” over 100 years ago.

Whatever. The point is not “who,” it’s “what.”

I like the concept because I believe “Radio is what happens between the songs.”

And while I have no idea (nor care) if I said it first, I know it’s been my consistent theme for about 30 years.

And that it’s more true now than ever.

That definition makes us unique from podcasts and from streaming services.

At least, it should.