The Silver Lining Theory

I’m in…

One of the challenges we face in the consolidated radio era is boosting creativity.

I could make an argument that the industry’s most creative individuals have been forced out, or quit on their own, because these people are the very ones least likely to thrive within hierarchial, tightly-controlled systems.

One manager’s problem employee is another’s Chief Creative Officer.

It’s called the Silver Lining Theory and at its simplest it means every negative trait is linked to some positive attribute.

Take impulsivity. It is strongly linked to greater creativity. A lack of inhibition can lead a mind to consider things in an entirely new way. Seems logical.

Here’s the best part: If you or your staff believe that impulsivity is linked to greater creativity, you’ll actually end up being more creative, either from sticking with the issue longer, or because of the placebo effect.

Those that think they can and those that think they can’t are both right.

So maybe it’s time to practice a little lay pschology.

Expect more. Explain the science. Reward the results.


Now I just have to find the silver lining to my natural tendency to resist authority…