The Secret Weapon

Why is it still a secret?

Whatever you think of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act — and they exceeded their goal of 7 million signees, registering over 1 million signees in the final 48 hours — you should note one fact: In the days leading up to the end of registration for this year, the administration relied more heavily on radio than any other medium.

Don’t believe me? Check THIS out.

Pundits are so eager to bang the drum of new media constantly, and very few ever question their claims.

The truth is, TV viewing is up, despite all the other possibilities, and the vast majority of it is done on big, not little, screens.

The truth is, Radio works!

It works because most Americans, most Europeans, most Asians, most Africans, listen to a radio station every single day.

That’s a fact that cannot be disputed.

In spite of Pandora and Spotify and iTunes Radio and video games and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and on an on and on, Radio works.

We should make sure everyone who listens, every client that advertises and even those who don’t, knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt.