The Secret to Getting

And it’s not what you think

Adversity does more to reveal who we really are than success.

Unfortunately, our industry has been operating under what it deems adverse circumstances since deregulation. The endless demand of ever higher earnings to drive stock prices, hold off lenders, and build up bonuses has made Radio cut-throat.

We’ve all lived through it, and many of us have been forced to do things we can’t really justify — except that we need the job. And that’s not an excuse in this economy.

That is why this article is so worth your time today.

If it inspires one person to use their influence and position to help one other person in need, it’s the best thing I could possibly share.

I’ll reveal this much: Thinking about others in our business and how you can help them succeed will help you succeed. And it’s not a theory. It’s science.

In a time when people are surprised that you return their phone calls, or take the time to listen to their air checks, this is exactly what you need to see and understand.

I hope you’ll share it.

And if I can help you in any way, I hope you’ll let me know how.