The Secret To A Happy Life

And it’s so easy…


Curious people are awesome. They’re open to different points of view. They can tell you in great detail about some obscure thing you didn’t think you’d care about. They know what they don’t know. It’s also a trait that’s been on behavioral scientists’ radar for a long time. They’ve suspected that curiosity is the key to a happy life, and now they’re pretty sure that’s true.”

The very best air talent I know are curious about life, about the people around them, about all sorts of things it would be easier to ignore.

Their curiousity leads them to content we would not otherwise get to hear.

They stoke the fires of our own curiousity and imagination. They energize us by introducing us to the new, the unusual, the different.

I meet lots of people inside radio stations who are focused almost exclusively on Radio.

I find most of them a bit boring.

The ones that fascinate me, and their listeners, are the ones who rarely focus on what’s happening inside their station, but rather on the wonders they encounter outside.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone today.

Walk up and talk to someone doing something that you don’t understand, and ask “Why? Why are you doing that?”

Watch films outside of your normal genres.

Read books and poetry. Visit your museum. Observe those in your field of vision.

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