The Right Stuff!

Focus, grasshopper

PDs and GMs today can fill every moment with the urgent.

Sometimes the urgent is also important, but just as often it’s not.

As we discussed yesterday, the key to winning ratings and revenue, the key to becoming legendary, is finding ways to make a difference in the lives of your listeners and your community.

If you spend 99% of your time sitting at your desk, staring at the Selector screen, doing corporate paperwork, finding ways to cut expenses, you’re not likely to be focused on the right stuff.

Thinking about your needs, your checklsit, your company means not thinking about your listeners and your advertisers and your community.

There is more pressure today than ever to keep you distracted from your true calling, your real job.

The only thing that matters is what comes out of the speakers, because if that isn’t remarkable, none of the rest of what is taking up your time will fall into line anyway.

When’s the last time you spent an uninterrupted, focused hour listening to your station?

When’s the last time you spent a day sitting in a hotel room focused intently on really listening to your station, every day-part, every break, all day?

If you don’t think that’s your job, I think you’re in the wrong business.