The Ride of a Lifetime

With Roger and Noah…


The biggest surprise for me in this great spot for Swiss Tourism is how natural Roger Federer is with his lines.

Unlike Roger and Trevor, I’m not even part Swiss, but I will admit that my favorite train experience ever was on the Glacier Express.

Shannon and I flew into Zurich, took the escalator down two levels to the train depot and stepped onto our train. Our bags were transferred automatically from plane to train. We then spent a couple of hours ooohing and aaahing on our way to Zermatt, including using a cog railroad for the final stretch up the mountainside, where we strolled the streets and shops until we could order dinner.

We spent that night in Zermatt, waking in the middle of the night from a bit of jet lag, to view a full moon sitting right on top of the Matterhorn. Seriously. I don’t know they pulled that off but it was magical.

The next day, we had breakfast, boarded our train and passed through the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen on our way to St. Moritz. Our trip was in the late winter and as our viewing car meandered through the spectacular Alps, we passed small villages and cross country skiers with every turn.

Spent another lovely cold night in St. Moritz and then our train took us back to Zurich.

Our train cars were not crowded and one of our fellow travelers told us how lucky we were because the weather both days was absolutely perfect! He told us it was his 6th Glacier Express ride and the first with crisp blue and sunny skies all the way.

Don’t think about it. Just book it, and go. You won’t be sorry.

Hopefully, I’ll be reporting back to you soon about this Grand Train Tour of Switzerland because I moved it up to second place on my travel list, right beneath Ireland, which has been on hold ever since Covid interrupted our carefully planned and already booked month-long visit to Shannon’s homeland.