The Radio Version of “Angie’s List”


Why doesn’t your station have a local version of Angie’s List?


Trust me, if you haven’t heard of Angie’s List, your listeners — especially your female listeners — have. And, perhaps more to the point, so have your clients!

Angie’s List is so successful it has been dissected by The Harvard Business Review and The New York Times (both subscription-only).

Radio’s daily and weekly reach is ginormous, and most radio stations today have a huge database of active listeners who have signed up for a deeper relationship.

Why wouldn’t you leverage that permission to help both your clients (with honest feedback that can help improve their business) and your listeners (who are always looking for quality and a good deal).

Angie’s List succeeds because it has earned our trust, and anything your station does in this realm would have to do the hard work to become trustworthy.

It just seems like a natural relationship to me, and another way to provide valued content beyond songs.