The Quickest Way To Stupid

And you’re probably doing it now

Multi-tasking is the scourge of modern life.

Texting while we drive. Reading while we answer the phone. Writing while also trying to listen.

Well, before you pat yourself on the back for the brilliant multi-tasker you are, consider this: A new study shows that multi-tasking causes a great decrease in IQ than smoking pot or losing a full night of sleep.

I can vouch for this (losing a full night of sleep is legal in Colorado) and I don’t have extra IQ points to lose.

So, unless you do, we have to find a way around the ridiculous multi-tasking required of the standard employee inside any radio station.

I chatted with a GM recently who was bemoaning a missed opportunity for deep connection with the station’s listeners. I understood his frustration, but the truth is, he’s got a bit of a staffing issue: too few people for too much work.

That doesn’t leave much time for reflection, much less planning.

PD’s doing an air shift while meeting with the Morning Show. Air talent doing production while they’re on the air. Promotion Director writing copy while sitting in a planning meeting.

I know you know it. I know you don’t want it to be this way, so how do we change it?

It’s costing us brain cells when we are in desperate need of bigger brains so I don’t think apathy is the answer.

But I’m playing online poker while I write this, so that may be wrong.