The Purpose Driven

If only.


I think the number one constituency that I serve is my employees, because I think the only sustainable advantage that a company has is the talent and passion of their employees. If you put employees first—and employees come to companies that have an inspiring mission and values—then you will serve customers better, and, ultimately, shareholders.” ~ Dan Schulman, CEO, PayPal*

Where employees… have a sense of purpose, they are four times more engaged, which means more productivity, which means less attrition, which means they are bringing to work creativity, thinking out of the box.” ~ Bruce Simpson, McKinsey*

“The purpose of this company is not to make money. It is imperative to make money, but it is not the purpose. Our purpose is to enrich lives through technology.”
~ Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy


You’ve seen the headlines: LOTS MORE CHANGES DUE TO THE IHEARTMEDIA RIF, STILL IN PROGRESS. Layoffs that continue for weeks, in the middle of a raging pandemic and mass unemployment, and right before the holidays. How thoughtful.

What is iHeart’s purpose? What is Entercom’s purpose? Cumulus? Hubbard?

What evidence is there that any Radio company’s number one constituency is its employees? All of its employees?

Words are cheap, of course. I’m talking about tangible evidence that any Radio company thinks its only sustainable advantage is “the talent and passion of their employees.”

How do you think your employees would answer if asked that question?

Do you even care?




* Both quotes from the CEO Daily by Alan Murray, a product of Fortune magazine.