The Problem With Marketing

Ok, the second biggest problem with marketing…

The second biggest problem in marketing radio stations is one we rarely discuss, much less think about: Relevance.

As advertising guru, Roy Williams, frequently asks, “Are you talking about what people actually care about, or only what you wish they would care about?

When you see a commercial for an iPhone, what draws you to pay attention?

“There’s an app for that.”

Apple rarely talks about the iPhone as a telephone.

They sell it as a device that can solve a lot of the problems you face every day. The telephone part is like a bonus.

They don’t show people making phone calls.

They don’t show people getting phone calls.

They don’t tell you how many phone calls you can handle between battery charges.

They don’t show people sitting in an office playing on their iPhone to make the point that it’s mobile, that you can use it all day. Duhhhh

What do Radio commercials use to draw your attention?


That is the biggest problem in marketing radio stations.

No one markets radio stations anymore.

Never mind.