The PPM Hamster Wheel

Paying millions to run in place…

Radio is trapped in a system that is bleeding it to death.

What does it tell you about PPM if I suggest the best way to predict your next trend is to bet against whatever your last trend was? If you do that, you’ll be right 80% of the time, according to Richard Harker.

If you don’t know Richard, you should. Here’s his number: 919.954.8300

Why are you paying so much money for something so unreliable?

Let me put it another way: Would you pay me what you pay Arbitron if I could predict what your next trend will be, and I was right 80% of the time?

Heck, would you pay me half of what you pay Arbitron?

Because, if you will, I just created a whole new business, one that will allow me to retire in Vancouver, BC a lot sooner than I’d planned…