The Power of Vulnerability


Do you realize what a privilege it is to do what you do and get paid to do it?

People, in the tens of thousands, invite you into their cars to share their ride to work.

They invite you into their offices to help them get through the day.

And, most importantly, they invite you into their lives.

To offer hope when they can’t find it elsewhere.

To offer the relief of an escape from the pressures of their lives for a few minutes while you share a laugh, or smile.

To offer encouragement, as an example of what’s still possible because you’ve been through the fires too, and you’ve survived to walk out on the other side.

But most of us waste our invitations.

Most of us are terrified by the very thought of this type of personal connection.

Truth is, most of us aren’t all that comfortable being truly vulnerable even with our spouses and best friends.

And that’s a shame, because it’s only when we are vulnerable that we experience the full richness of emotional intimacy.

You want your job to have meaning?

You want your life to be measured by more than numbers, whether they’re ratings or salary or the size of your mortgage?

You want to know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, today — every day?

This is the way!

Do yourself a favor. Watch Brene Brown’s TED talk. She’s funny, she’s insightful, and she will help you understand the power of vulnerability better than I ever can.

Be patient — watch this until the end, ’cause that’s where the lessons are, and these are truly wonderful lessons that will help every part of your life, not just work.


Don’t waste your gift.

Dare to be different, to be vulnerable. It will change your life. And that may change other lives you touch, even if you never see it happen.

Isn’t that why you’re in this business?