The Power of Introverts

This is you, or someone you know…

I know how precious your time is, so I wouldn’t share something 19 minutes long if I didn’t think it would really be helpful to you and your organization.

In my conversations with radio’s leaders the most common concern voiced is a paucity of real creativity at the station level.

We all know the reasons: lack of time to think… Well, we can stop there actually.

But there may be another you are unaware of. Watch this:

I am an introvert, an INFP, so I naturally identify with this message.

I am also aware that as consolidated radio trims its workforce (endlessly, it seems), introverts may be disproportionately affected. And that is a loss for your station and your company.

Don’t only judge us by how much fun we are at the company Christmas party.

Hire an introvert or two, give them the time — and solidtude they need — to ponder, and I believe you’ll be pleased with the results.