The Power of Humility

Recognize it?


Ted Turner is supposed to have once said, “If I only had a little humility, I’d be perfect.

We have a President who honestly believes he and he alone can fix the current problems of the world.

He cannot seem to find humility anywhere in his character, and the problem with that is twofold.

First, it makes him intensely unlikable to a large percentage of our population, and at some point, he may need a more unified citizenry.

Second, without intellectual humility, he thinks there’s nothing he doesn’t already know and understand.

I think we have leaders just like this in our business.

It’s almost as if any expression of humility is a signal of weakness.

These guys are afraid for their jobs.

They’re afraid that someone may notice they don’t know everything, that they didn’t think of something that might have prevented some failure.

So they squeeze out those who feel like an intellectual or operational threat.

The best leaders I’ve worked for over my career have tried to hire people smarter and more creative than they are.

They’ve been willing to be humble in front of their staff and also in front of their superiors.

They’ve been confident enough to admit they may not know everything they need to know.

They’ve been secure enough to own mistakes.

Radio still has some great leaders. We just need more of them.