The Power Eye

Improving online marketing

We, at least in the Western world, are moving from a “push” to a ‘pull” advertising model.

The DVR is training all of us to skip spots that are pushed out at us whether we’re interested in the product or not. Digital radio will have the same effect.

I don’t think anyone’s figured out the best way to advertise on the Internet, at least beyond Search. Facebook’s “Like” function is irritating and definitely NOT the answer.

So, I’m glad to read that a start-up company called, Better Advertising, has devised a step forward.

Beginning this week, lots of major marketers — AT&T, American Express and Microsoft, to name three — will place an icon in the upper right-hand corner of their ads that looks like a cross between an eye and a power button. Better Advertising calls it a “power eye.”

If you scroll over the icon, you’ll see all the data that was used to target this ad to your eyes. Even better, it will allow you to opt out of future targeting by those companies.

It’s another acknowledgement that the consumer is in charge of the content she wants to view, and if you really want to grab her eyeballs, you’d better start with a remarkable product, allow her to learn about and interact with it on her timetable, and move from a spamming model — which all broadcast advertising is: unwelcome interruption — to a permission model.