The Popularity Paradox



It’s a trap, popularity.

Most of us learn that in our early teens, but popularity is so seductive, so hard to resist that we keep it alive somewhere within us, hidden — dormant — but not dead, waiting to spread its poison.

For most of us in Radio, we need to be massively popular to hit our bonus, to keep our job.

Here’s where the paradox comes in though.

You won’t hit that massive popularity by trying not to offend, not to run away anyone who could listen.

You can’t become popular while trying to be. That’s the lesson we learned in our youth.

You hit it by making super strong emotional connections one person at a time.

Now, sometimes, in rare cases, you can create this kind of bond with thousands at a time. Days like 9/11, or Sandy Hook, or any true local catastrophe.

But you can’t wait for those days or you won’t have the core listeners there in the first place.

Make your best friends one at a time.

Speak to me, personally, powerfully, emotionally — individually.

Share your feelings with me and listen when I share mine with you. Really listen.

Be everything you can be to one person and let each one of them help you reach your goal.