The Point of Advertising

Might seem obvious…

…but it’s not.

The point of advertising is to increase sales.

It’s not to enhance name recognition. It’s not to entertain. It’s not to generate buzz.

It’s not to help you hit your bonus.

It’s to increase sales.

Do yourself a favor: buy and read this book, and then give a copy to each member of your sales staff.

I realize you have no control over national ads that run on your station, but you do have control over ads for your local clients, at least the ones your station writes and produces.

So every time you allow bad advertising on your station, you not only do the client a disservice, you do our business a disservice.

Every badly-written, poorly-produced, ineffective ad that runs proves radio doesn’t work. All Radio.

If you treated your client’s hard-earned money the way you treat your own, and expected — demanded — increased sales for every campaign you sell, imagine the impact in your market.

How radical would you be if you demanded results, not from your clients, but from your own sales staff, from your own station and company, for your clients.

And if you think that’s not your job, how are you different from the hype artist at your local used car lot selling lemons to unsuspecting rubes?