The Perfect Story

They call him “Mister Gibbs”…

 You may have already seen this. After all, NBC’s Today Show is one of the network’s most popular programs.

Stories like this one are part of the reason why:

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It’s the perfect story.

Authentic, relateable human emotion.

Parents who will do whatever they can to ease the life of the sick child they love.

The almost mystical bond between humans and dogs. Look at how patient and gentle he is with a 3 year-old tugging on his ears, his fur, his face…


Hope for a more normal life.

Hope for life itself.

As I’ve said before, all the best stories are love stories, in the end, and this one is too.

Look for these stories in your town. You know the ingredients. You see how they touch everyone, even you.

Find them. Share them. They enrich us all.