The Perfect Pop Star

Hint: She’s Japanese

Japan is a fascinating country. I’ve visited often for work over the past couple of decades yet I’m still frequently surprised at something I see or hear there. Like all of the world’s best spots, Japan is unique.

So I’ve wondered whether this phenomenon could succeed outside of Japan, where love of anime is legendary:

Hatsune Miko

This pop star is not human; she’s an animated character projected onto a screen, but as you see in that video, it doesn’t seem to matter to her fans, and she has millions.

In Japan “…she’s rather more a goddess. She has human parts, but she transcends human limitations. She’s the great posthuman pop star.

Before you say there’s no way this kind of pop star could ever replace Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber in America, watch this:

2014 Music Expo in NYC

We certainly live in interesting times, don’t we?