The Perfect Christmas Promotion

Ho Ho Ho


Research shows two-thirds of Americans think they are using obsolete smart phones, and wish they could upgrade.

One of the things I’ve heard repeatedly in listener panels this year is how tough the economy is for “normal” American families.

Budgets are so tight that the overwhelming majority of panelists have said they would rather have more chances to win smaller prizes than one chance at a huge payoff.

Specifically, they mentioned free gas, $25 for a “date night,” — even McDonald’s and Starbucks gift cards — things they need that save them money. And I’ve advised client stations to do more give-aways like these.

But part of the fun of Christmas is getting stuff you really want but can’t justify buying for yourself.

So this year, why not give away the latest Apple iPhone and a year’s worth of free service? The phone without the free service might be useless if they can’t afford the monthly charges. And you might even be able to talk Verizon or Sprint or AT&T into trading the service plan.


Come on, it’s Christmas!

Even adults want Santa to visit this time of year, and most won’t splurge on themselves in this economy.

They’ll think of you every time they use it.