The Path Forward

It’s right here…


Insights surround us every day but we rarely take notice.

“…artists’ negative emotions were not only correlated with but also predictive of their creative output.”

“…scholars of minor key music found that sadness is the only negative emotion whose musical expression uplifts us (and) found that it was also ‘the main negative feeling that drives creativity.‘”

Poignancy…is the richest feeling humans experience, one that gives meaning to life — and it happens when you feel happy and sad at the same time. It’s the state you enter when you cry tears of joy — which tend to come during precious moments suffused with their imminent ending.

“…the awareness of impermanence, rather than age itself, causes us to make the life choices of an older and wiser person.”

If you were hoping for something more profound and also easier to consider, I have disappointed you.

Today’s post, these four insights, require some work on your part.

But if you take the time to think deeply about those four quoted statements, not mere moments, but days, I think your life will change a bit.

Certainly your thoughts about creating an inspiring work environment and creating content that listeners will feel will change.

It’s a start.

You can find more in Bittersweet by Susan Cain.