The Oval Office Tapes



There was a time when someone you listened to on the radio every day would’ve created THIS.

It’s audio, after all.

And unlike “Serial,” an NPR alumni idea which required lots and lots of investigative journalism and research, this mainly requires creativity.

Theater of the mind — satire — Radio’s strength. At least it used to be.

Now, the PD would say, “3 minutes?! Are you freaking kidding me?? 3 MINUTES without music and it’s not during a 7-minute spot set?? Are you freaking nuts?? Shut up and play the music or I’ll find someone who will.”

And the GM would order the PD into that corner office and say, “WTF?? Do you know how many complaints we’re getting right now?? WTF!?!?!”

As we’ll probably hear on the Oval Office Tapes, “Sad.”