The Outsider Effect

Making better decisions

Ok, I admit this seems self-serving, but that does not lessen its truth:

The latest research shows that adding an outsider to the mix can improve the thinking of your team and produce better results.

Better decisions come from teams that include a ‘socially distinct newcomer’, someone who is different enough to bump other team members out of their comfort zones…

And just to prove this isn’t a blatant attempt to sell myself, the research shows that just about anyone outside the usual group can facilitate this, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive consultant, or even an inexpensive consultant.

It could be a sales guy sitting in on a programming session, or an engineer sitting in on a marketing meeting.

Even better, there are literally thousands of really smart, insightful people sitting in your town, with a background in your business, who can’t get a phone call returned from your building. I know many of them personally.

Just as an experiment, why not invite one or two of these experienced professionals to your next brainstorming session? Buy ’em lunch if you like, but I bet most of them would be happy just to know their opinion might be respected, and that they have another oppotunity to contribute.

What do you have to lose?

I know….

that comfy seat in your comfort zone.