The Ones Who Say You Can’t

Dream crazier


When I first moved to Denver to work for KIMN, my best friend at the station, Danny Davis, introduced me to a friend of his, Wayne.

Wayne had cerebral palsy.

Wayne skied better than I could. He used those little ski runners on his ski poles, and he was fearless.

He had to be fearless with the life he was born into.

His knees were scarred from the falls he took growing up, but he never complained.

He didn’t possess the tiniest grain of self-pity.

He played tennis, by gripping the racket in his mouth, throwing the ball up for his serve, taking the racket out with his one good arm, and firing away.

Obviously, Wayne couldn’t run as fast as most, but if you didn’t delight in seeing him fall, if you just hit the ball somewhat close to him, he would kick your ass on any court.

He inspired me every time I was with him.

And this guy, this campaign by Nike, reminds me of Wayne.

Are you inspiring anyone in your life?

You don’t need CP to be an inspiration. You just need courage and integrity and perseverance.