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KOIT was once a great radio station. Along with KGO, it dominated the San Francisco market for decades.

It didn’t become great, and remain great, accidently; no radio station’s greatness is ever an accident.

Chuck Tweedle, the long-time Vice President and General Manager for Bonneville, nurtured KOIT as if it belonged to him personally. You don’t see that much anymore.

Allan Hotlen, and after he left, Bill Conway, knew that the smallest details made a difference, that the image of the brand was affected by every impression.

The imaging, which I understand was written by Dan Vallie, was about the best I’ve ever heard on a SOFT AC station.

KOIT understood the value of emotional connection long before most. It was the Tiffany of San Francisco radio.

Ahhh, but that was all under the ownership of Bonneville.

Times have obviously changed.

Check out the email they just sent to their most loyal listeners, the people they value most. The only thing I have changed on the copy & paste is the name of the recipient:


Could Your Holiday Menu Be More…..Extraordinary? Save $.30 on select Knudsen products.

 96.5 KOIT Email Offers



Kraft Nov2011 300x250Right now, look for the on-pak coupon and save an EXTRA $.30  on Knudsen Hampshire Sour Cream or Knudsen Cottage Cheese. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner or your very best Holiday meal, Knudsen Dairy is the secret ingredient that makes YOUR recipes…….EXTRAORDINARY!

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So this is what we’ve become?

This is our vaunted digital strategy, our carefully crafted program to reward our very best listeners, those who have taken the time and effort to join our listening clubs?

This is how much we value their time and their attention?

30 cents off a package of cottage cheese?