The Not-So-Secret To Success

The road to success…

Years ago, I learned I had a fear of success.


Sounds crazy, but my closest friends are already nodding their heads in recognition.


If you really want to succeed, as you say you do, the first step is betting big on yourself.

And that means absolutely refusing to accept excuses. Any and all excuses.

Do you think you’re talented enough to bring remarkable, compelling, unique content to your show every single day?

If the answer is “Yes,” why don’t I hear it every day?

If the answer is “No,” why are you on the air?

If your answer is, “I could, but my station won’t let me,” it’s time for you to leave and work for a different station.

You can do it voluntarily now, or wait for budget cuts and Prophet systems to dictate the timing, but if you have that kind of talent, the longer you stuff it, the longer you play defense, the less likely real success will ever find you.

Look, we all have this need for public acceptance. Most of us don’t want to admit we’re content to be board ops, to be PD only in title, abdicating all decisions to someone higher on the food chain. Image matters.

So, you can lie to everyone else, but I think it’s time you told yourself the truth.

If you believe in yourself, and you’re really good, there’s never been a better time to show the world.