The NFL Hates This!

It’s finally here…

100 million of us will spend the evening watching, all watching the same thing — amazing when you remind yourself how fractionalized most TV viewing is today.

Most of us don’t like to acknowledge it, but the violence inherent in tackle football is part of the reason we watch. It’s a bit like NASCAR that way: we’re watching for the collisions.

Which is why the NFL hates this:

I believer the NFL wants to try to lessen the chances of CTE in the game, partly because of the massive liability they may face from hundreds of current and former players, but also just because they want a safer game so that parents will let their children continue to play it.

We all show concern when a player lies unresponsive on the field, the result of the force of an impact between two huge, muscular men running at top speed and crashing into each other.

But its more complicated with the continual smaller hits players take during a game. We don’t see that damage on our screens. It may not play out for years after a player’s left the game.

And that is what the NFL has to find a way to fix.

Want to see the story behind that PSA above?


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