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The New Marketing

The New Marketing



Design is the new marketing. It is the product itself, not the ads or the slogan.

It’s design, not advertising, that turned Apple into the most valuable luxury brand (and the most valuable company) in the world.”

And what is a brand? The brand is our shorthand for the feelings that an experience creates, the promises that a product or service brings with it.”

Another great insight from Seth Godin.

Radio really needs a deeper understanding of this.

Your non-musical content is your brand, and all the logos and liners and definers won’t do a darn thing if I don’t like what I hear when I listen.

It’s all the stuff you put around the songs you play, because I can hear the songs you play everywhere today.

I don’t need your station for the songs.

What do I feel every time I listen to your station? Not just in mornings. Every time I listen.

That should give you plenty to work on this year…