The New Epidemic

How you can help


I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines: LONELINESS IS AT EPIDEMIC LEVELS IN AMERICA

And this epidemic is not confined to one nation: 16-24 YEAR OLDS ARE THE LONELIEST...

Radio may be the best companion ever invented, because when we do it right, when we do it well, each individual listening feels we are speaking directly, and only, to her.

Think about it: You can be lonely at a concert. Surrounded by tens of thousands and yet totally alone.

Use the advantage Radio offers each air talent.

Talk to her as if she’s the only person you’re talking to, as if what interests her is what interests you.

Here’s the test, If your show can be voice-tracked, you’re not honestly able to put salve on any other person’s loneliness.

If you can be replaced by voice-tracking, you will be.

That is inevitable the way Radio’s being run today.

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