The Navy Heroes of Normandy

The price paid…


I wish every American could visit the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach in Normandy.

There is a reverence there, as you gaze out over the rows of perfectly placed white crosses, thousands of them, that stays with you long after you leave.

You realize you are looking at an almost unbelievable sacrifice by ordinary Americans of every region, religion and political persuasion.

Today, when many of us don’t even want to sacrifice a bit of personal comfort to protect other Americans from a deadly virus, this story seems mythical.

We don’t want to sacrifice a lifestyle that includes iPhones, and flat screen HD TV sets in every room of our homes, streaming services and cable TV, new cars in our garages, huge houses and maids to clean them for us — we don’t want to give up any of it by paying a bit more in taxes.

We don’t want the poor to have healthcare. We don’t want to offer a helping hand to those less fortunate, branding them lazy, unworthy of compassion.

We don’t want to see our blessings and privilege as anything but proof of our superiority in intellect and work ethic so we can demean those not as blessed as solely responsible for their circumstance.

We don’t want to open our hearts or our borders to those fleeing violence and poverty to come here. Even those who fight in our wars and risk their lives for our common dream are not welcome after that service if they’ve managed to get into our nation without “papers.”

Go to Normandy. Please.

Go see what America’s greatest generation did for the world, did for you and I, willingly.

Look at those beaches. Look at those white crosses. And bow your head and thank God they were not as we are today.


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